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Flower In The Rain Sprinkles Mix Non Gmo Dairy Free


Product Code : 7442

Packing :  plastic bottle

Available Size : 76g

Product Life:  18 months

Storage :

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid high temperatures, humidity, sunlight exposure, chemicals and strong odors.Must be kept on pallets and never be in direct contact with the floor and/or walls.



white /pink/ yellow confetti flower

3mm white pearls

pink/green sprinkles

yellow nonpareils

Suitable for

* Vegan consumers

* Kosher consumers

* Halal consumers

This product is with

* Soy free

* No Gluten

* No GMO

Nuts Free

* No Dairy Products

* No Hydrogenated Fat


Use this product to create your own decorations, they are bright and colorful to enhance a fun party effect.

Cane Sugar, Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Corn Starch,Vegetable Fat (Rice Bran Oil),Lemon Juice, Maltodextrin, Lemon Juice, Spirulina Extract, Colours (E100-Turmeric, E162-Beetroot Red),Stabilizers (Gum Arabic), Glazing agent (Carnauba Wax))

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