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Super Sale Bulk Pack 3D Edible Wafer Paper White & Pink Double Daisy



Product Code : 417

Packing:  24pcs/tube (12pcs pink and 12pcs white)

                100pcs/tubes (50pcs pink and 50pcs white)

Available Size : 4.5cm

Product Life : 18 months

Storage :

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid high temperatures, humidity , sunlight exposure, chemicals and strong odors.Must be kept on pallets and never be in direct contact with the floor and/or walls.


Edible 3D Pink and white Colour Wafer Daisy Flowers.

100% edible wafer cake decorations. 

This product is

Free From Gluten

No Sugar Added

Free From Dairy Products

Free From GMO



Wafer Shapes can be widely used on cakes, breads, dry frostings (marzipan, chocolate, or sugar paste).Any type of moisture should be avoided when using Wafer Shapes. Do not put Wafer Shapes directly on fresh cream or butter cream..

Potato Starch, Water, Vegetable Oil (Olive), Colour (E120 (Carmine)