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About us

Quality Sprinkles, of course, who else? Our edible cake decorations are made with 100% Natural Ingredients. They’re FREE from GMOs, GLUTEN, NUTS, SOYA, and DAIRY products. NO Hydrogenated Fats or Preservatives, Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians, Halal & Kosher Certified.

Operating as a branch of Candy Manufacturer Inc. since 1988 we have motivated professionals capable of providing baking Products Using ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS for cake decorations, instead of using nasty chemicals and additives that other manufactuers use.

Not only are Quality Sprinkles ideal for adding a splash of colour, they are great for adding texture to your baking. Non-Pareils, Sugar Strands, Pearls (Dragées), Sugar Crystals, Confetti Shapes. Edible Glitter and Seasonal blends, available with vibrant colours to pastel shades, suitable to use on celebratory cakes, cupcakes, waffles, ice cream, doughnuts, cookies and much more.

Our manufacturing facility is BRC certified, also with Certification from the FDA and authorized Disney manufacturer.

There you go!! Drop us a line email whatever way you like, tell us what you would like and we will get our beautiful delicious baking products sent to you as quickly as we can, so that you can start to spin your magic baking surprises for all to enjoy.