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When will it be shipped?

Please allow 2-7 working days to process your Retail Order and the Wholesale Order will be finished  within 3 weeks.

With the pandemic, when the shipment ready, it will cost 3-10 working days forward to the transit center for courier pickup. Thank you for your understanding!

You will receive an email as soon as it ships with a tracking number.


I made a mistake. Can I change my order?

Please contact with your order number immediately! We will do our best to solve problem for you.

What if I'm unsatisfied with my purchase?

Please email us at Let's talk it out!

Do you make OEM products?

OEM label is available. Please email us at Let's talk it out!

Do you have the product spec. ?

Yes, please let us know which item spec. you want.


What makes your sprinkles extra special compared to others?

Our ingredients! Our first ingredient is pure cane sugar while many other natural sprinkles start with some sort of starch. That's why ours has that crunch and others are mushy.

100% plant-based and natural! We use high quality plant-based colors and still deliver on the sparkle that you want when decorating your favorite treats. We also use carnauba wax instead of confectioners glaze (which is made from insects).

Our ingredient are without artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated fat.

Gluten Free?

Yes. From 2010 all products are gluten free.

Dairy Free?


Nuts Free?

Free From Peanut, Coconut and other Nuts including almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia and Queensland nuts.

Soy Free?


Gmo Free?



Yes, our products are certified Kosher.


Yes, our products are certified Halal.

Suitable for Vegan / Vegetarian?


Do you have the sugar-free sprinkles?

Our Edible Glitter Series ( and Wafer Products  ( ) are made without cane sugar.

Were are Maltodextrin source from?

Corn starch.

Has your manufacturer obtained any audit certification?

Our manufacturing facility is BRC Grade A certified , also with Certification from the FDA.