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No Hydrogenated fat

We are aware of risks caused by consumption of Hydrogenated fat. That’s why we make a point to select the healthiest oils which are 100% free from hydrogenated fat to produce our cake decorations.


When oil has gone through a specific manufacturing process, the resulting substance is called hydrogenated fat. Even though most oils in pure form are heart-healthy, once oil has been turned into hydrogenated oil, it is no longer good for the body. In fact, this type of fat is thought to be extremely harmful to the heart, and the body as a whole.


Hydrogenated fat is produced when hydrogen is added to oil, which turns the liquid oil into a solid block of fat. In the process of adding hydrogen trans fat is also produced. Trans fat is considered by some doctors to be the worst type of fat. Unlike other fats, trans fat raises your "bad" (LDL) cholesterol and lowers your "good" (HDL) cholesterol. A high LDL cholesterol level in combination with a low HDL cholesterol level increases your risk of heart disease. Using trans fats in the manufacturing of foods helps foods stay fresh longer, have a longer shelf life and have a less greasy feel.


Even to shorten the life of our products, we insist on not using hydrogenated fat to ensure all of them are healthy for the body. We have our own control system to ensure our products have a good shelf life.